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Address address delivery, Hisaria, Plovdiv 4180, Bulgaria
Phone +359883444355
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  • Pick-Up: 30 EUR
  • Return: 30 EUR
  • Early Pick-Up: 55 EUR
  • Late Return: 55 EUR
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  • Mondays: 09:00 - 18:00
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  • Saturdays: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Sundays: Closed


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In case you are in Hisarya for holiday or business and need a car to complete easier and more comfortable your everyday work you can choose your low cost car on our website and make reservation and car is delivered to your point. VivoRent offers the cheapest rental cars services on the market as well as the best rental conditions. We offer delivery to every single place in Hisarya and the region. Diversity of perfectly maintenance cars at affordable prices.




Hisarya (Bulgarian: Хисаря, also known as Hisar, Hissar or Hissarya, formerly: Toplitsa, Latin: Diocletianopolis or Augusta) is a small resort town in Bulgaria, in Plovdiv Province.

It is notable for the impressive remains of the ancient Roman
city of Diocletianopolis, the enormous walls of which still stand close
to their original height for the majority of their circuit. The ancient
city lies largely unencumbered by the adjacent modern town, in green
parkland full of birdsong. In the centre of the park are still over two
dozen hot mineral springs.



The town was founded thousands of years ago probably on account of
its hot springs. Some pre-historic remains have been found in what is
now the town centre. Later, it became a Thracian city and, when Thrace
fell to the Romans and became a Roman province, Hisarya became a Roman
town — one of the three most important towns in the province. At times
it was called Augusta, Diocletianopolis (after emperor Diocletian), and a couple of other names. It was a famous resort even in those times, which is proved by the fact that emperor Septimius Severus visited the city.

Many Roman ruins are visible everywhere — public buildings, a
small amphitheatre, the barracks of the Roman garrison, the foundations
of a couple of the oldest churches in Bulgaria, as well as the
best-preserved Roman city walls in Bulgaria. The southern gate is known
as “The Camels”, because it had broken in the middle and looked like two
camels facing each other, before it was partially restored in the early
20th century.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the prosperous city declined.
When it was included within the borders of Bulgaria, it was just a
minor fortified town. During the Turkish rule, it further declined and,
at some point, the once-prosperous city was just a couple of small
houses in the midst of many Roman ruins, which peasants from the nearby
villages used for a stone quarry, destroying most of them in the

After the liberation of Bulgaria in 1878, Hisarya was included in the province of Eastern Rumelia; after the Unification of Bulgaria in 1885 it became a part of Bulgaria.

It prospered once again when the mineral springs were rediscovered and the place became a popular recreation spot.

After Bulgaria joined EU in 2007 various financing programs were
used to recover the ancient ruins and renovate the park and street
infrastructure, which recreates the town intensively and constantly and
turns it again into a real gem of the Bulgarian spa, nature and historic
heritage. The century-old trees in the parks, which are the habitat of
numerous bird species, the renovated new modern large spa hotel centres
with sport, spa and recreation areas and the brand new cosy luxurious
smaller hotels and affordable guesthouses turn Hisarya again into a
preferred resort for relaxation, health recovery, illness treatment and
loved place for business seminars and events for foreign and Bulgarian



Roman fortifications


What kind of a car you can rent ?

We did take care of providing you the widest possible choice of types and brands of car rental at Hisarya that meet the requirements of our individual customers. Our rich fleet has got the following:

  • Small urban cars
  • Larger family-friendly cars
  • Larger-sized cars such as buses and vans
  • Luxury, impressive rental cars of a higher class
  • Off-road vehicles;
  • Trucks with different capacity.

Do share your needs and we
will advise you and recommend the best rental car for you. We are here
to help you get the right vehicle you need, compliant with the number of
passengers, luggage, number of children and/or pets, as well as your
health, if your state requires particular accommodation in the passenger


 We will be happy to welcome you as customers and send you as friends!


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