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Address Konstantin Velichkov 6, Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria
Phone +359883444355
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In case you are in Plovdiv for holiday or business and need a car to complete easier and more comfortable your everyday work you can choose your low cost car on our website and make reservation and car is delivered to your point. Plovdiv-rent-a-car offers the cheapest rental cars services on the market as well as the best rental conditions. We offer delivery to every single place in Plovdiv and the region. Diversity of perfectly maintenance cars at affordable prices.




Plovdiv (Bulgarian: Пловдив, pronounced [ˈpɫɔvdif]) is the second-largest city of Bulgaria, located in the historical region of Thrace. It has a population of 346,893 as of 2018 and 675,000 in the greater metropolitan area. Plovdiv is the culture capital of Bulgaria.



The town was a fort of the independent local Thracian tribe Bessi. In 516 BCE during the rule of Darius the Great, Thrace was included in the Persian empire. In 492 BCE, the Persian general Mardonius subjugated Thrace again, and it nominally became a vassal of Persia until 479 BCE and the early rule of Xerxes I. The town became part of the Odrysian kingdom (460 BCE – 46 CE), a Thracian tribal union. The town was conquered by Philip II of Macedon,
and the Odrysian king was deposed in 342 BCE. Ten years after the
Macedonian invasion, the Thracian kings started to exercise power again
after the Odrysian Seuthes III had re-established their kingdom under Macedonian suzerainty as a result of a successful revolt against Alexander the Great‘s rule resulting in a stalemate. The Odrysian kingdom gradually overcame the Macedonian suzerainty, while the city was destroyed by the Celts as part of the Celtic settlement of Eastern Europe, most likely in the 270s BC. In 183 BCE, Philip V of Macedon conquered the city, but shortly after, the Thracians re-conquered it.


Main sights

The city has more than 200 archaeological sites,
30 of which are of national importance. There are many remains from
antiquity. Plovdiv is among the few cities with two ancient theatres;
remains of the medieval walls and towers; Ottoman baths and mosques; a
well-preserved old quarter from the National Revival period with
beautiful houses; churches; and narrow paved streets. There are numerous
museums, art, galleries and cultural institutions. Plovdiv is host to
musical, theatrical, and film events.

The city is a starting point for trips to places in the region, such as the Bachkovo Monastery at 30 km (19 mi) to the south, the ski-resort Pamporovo at 90 km (56 mi) to the south or the spa resorts to the north Hisarya, Banya, Krasnovo, and Strelcha.


What kind of a car you can rent ?

We did take care of providing you the widest possible choice of types and brands of car rental at Plovdiv that meet the requirements of our individual customers. Our rich fleet has got the following:

  • Small urban cars
  • Larger family-friendly cars
  • Larger-sized cars such as buses and vans
  • Luxury, impressive rental cars of a higher class
  • Off-road vehicles;
  • Trucks with different capacity.

Do share your needs and we
will advise you and recommend the best rental car for you. We are here
to help you get the right vehicle you need, compliant with the number of
passengers, luggage, number of children and/or pets, as well as your
health, if your state requires particular accommodation in the passenger


 We will be happy to welcome you as customers and send you as friends!


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